Messages One Will Never See or Read in any Hallmark Greeting Card

chico and delamar's top 10

For my first official post, I’m going back eight years ago to when legendary Filipino disc jocks* Chico and Delamar journeyed from a galaxy far far away to a small planet called KC-FM.

Their radio show then was called The Rush Hour and it was there that the concept of having a top ten list as major part of their show was born (or that’s what I think bcoz I don’t remember them having a top ten list back in RX-err, I mean galaxy far far away).

One of their top tens (or Hot Ten as they used to call it) then, was the title of this post. This was back in 2000. Back when rushers like me were wondering why these two left the galaxy and were wishing they would come back someday. Well, enough about that. After all, that particular wish have been granted seven years ago.

The Hot Ten Messages One Will Never See Or Read In Any Hallmark Greeting Card
(author’s note: I didn’t get the name of the senders, sorry)






















Now, the following are those that made it to the top of the Hot Ten over the three-hour course of the show.

These are the worsts.







So there you go. I thought the images would make it a little more interesting. Back to the past. Well, with Chico and Delamar on the radio, it was time well spent.

*not debatable ^ ^



~ by Jose Jr. on December 28, 2008.

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