I’m a geek, too

crazy me

Today’s Morning Rush Top 10 topic brought out the geek in every rusher. Chico and Gino had people going over “The Signs that One is a Geek.”

It was probably one of the most interesting episodes Chino (Chico+Gino) had in their two-week stint with Delamar out on vacation. The two had a lot to say and actually didn’t need the entries at all, for they could fill in minutes of nothing but geek talks – conversations about graphic novels, animation, gaming, music charts, and the like.

It was fun to hear two grown-up geeks trying to outdo each other as to how more geeky one is. ROTFP!! (That’s Rolling On The Floor “Panty-less” – a new term coined by those two crazy DJs)

And yet, I figured that I myself am a geek in a way. I may not be a hardcore fan of such topics the two had in their conversations, but I must say I fit in that “geek” category. And I ought to be damn proud of it!

I agree when the two discussed that there are different types of geek. There are gaming geeks, anime geeks, music-charts geeks…those sort of things.

I’m admittedly a music charts geek. Particularly, with the RX Year-Ender Countdown. And I just had to tell Chico and Gino this through text.

I’ve been listing down RX’s Top 20 Songs for the year for 10 years now (Gosh, 10 years! How fast time flies and how dull I’ve lived my life)! Though actually me listening to the Year-Ender Countdown started in 1997 when I had nothing to do waiting for twelve o’clock. It’s just that I lost my copy of the list. Soon I would post them all here, all 10 years of cool music from the Monster.

I’ve also been listing down my own Top 100 Songs for a decade now. Back in 1998, I have nothing to do and so I decided to list down the songs I’ve listened to for that year. Then I remember having the hardest time coming up with my top 100. But I survived, and now it’s actually a breeze for me coz I just know what songs will make it to the top 30. I will post it here as well para magkalaman naman tong blog na ito.

And though I didn’t say it over the text, I’ve also been listing down my Top Movies for the year for ten years now.

And there’s a whole lot more tabulations na pinagkaabalahan ko at pinagsayangan ng panahon back then. So that makes me a charts geek!

I don’t know why but I just love top lists.




~ by Jose Jr. on December 29, 2008.

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