Goodbye, 2008


In a matter of hours, we’ll leave behind another year.

Every year is a blessing if one is willing to look at it in such a way. Yet 2008 – at least for me – is something more.

Some tough times, yes, and even one that almost brought me to the brink of my sanity. Nevertheless, the good side to it far outweigh the bad.

The year started out pretty cool with the kind of job I landed in. That time, I personally learned the truth that any job is a good job if you’re lovin’ it. So for more than half of this year I was pretty much okay, teaching children a second language.

This year I also got to finish a manuscript and hope to finish another in the next few weeks (really crossing my fingers on that one). However, I’m also quite nervous because I still haven’t learned if my first one was accepted. Or not. But I have to stay hopeful and persevere.

And though I may not have a source of income as of this posting, I do feel that I am still quite blessed for I am still here, even bigger and fit for fiesta (as lechon ^^).

Everywhere I look at my situation, I realize just how lucky I am…and I
truly appreciate that.

Thanks to experiences, good or bad…
Thanks to long-time and hopefully lifelong friends…
Thanks to newfound friends…
Thanks to inspiring people that have come my way…
Thanks to family…
Thanks to love…

Thanks to GOD.


Bye, 2008



~ by Jose Jr. on December 31, 2008.

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