10 Years of Year-Enders


I remember December 31st of 1997 when I was waiting for midnight and wouldn’t sleep, excited for the New Year’s celebration. My nanay had ordered me (pahirapan pa) to turn off the television already because I’ve been playing with the family computer for more than an hour.

I had nothing to do and for some reason I thought of turning the radio on thinking I could find an interesting show like Heard on Thursdays or Friday Night Beat Showdown, I dunno.

At the time I have become a regular listener to two talkative (that’s a formal word for madaldal) DJs in the morning and this cool radio station with a name fit for scaring was starting to rub on me.

So there I was listening to the radio when I noticed it was a countdown wrapping up the year in music. That was my introduction to the RX Year-Ender Countdown.

1997 was a time for boy bands and girl groups so it was no surprise to find
that Boyzone’sIsn’t it in a Wonder?” made it to the top spot. I love that song.

When we moved to a new house a year later, I lost my copy of the Year-Ender Countdown ’97. I had to start anew and now I’m on my eleventh year. Whoohoo!!!

Kahit halos ma-miss ko na ang fireworks at kasiyahan sa labas ng bahay, hindi pa rin ako tumigil. Year after year I stayed inside my room until before midnight writing down the top 20 songs of the year.

And WOW! 2008’s Year-Ender Countdown was not only special because it’s my 10th year, it was also made special by a portion of the script the host (Louie D.) mentioned.

It was really a surprise when the host said something to recall ten years back. Y’see, never was something like that done in any Year-Ender Countdown for the last ten years. And I don’t know what’s so special about 2008 that they’d write that in the script.

So for a moment, a part of me was assuming that the host was directly talking to me. Coz I remember two days before the countdown, I made it known (through the Morning Rush) that I’m a Year-Ender geek and was about to celebrate a decade’s worth. So, hmmm…was that a message for me? Well, even if it weren’t, I still felt extra special. So I just gotta record that replay next week. I hope I don’t forget it.

(btw, there was an error in what Loiue D. said when he recalled 1998. The Best Song for that year was Lost in Space by Lighthouse Family and not the boy band that he mentioned and which I mentioned above. Tsk tsk tsk. They should’ve consulted me. ^ ^)




~ by Jose Jr. on January 3, 2009.

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