The Things I Hate About “Other” Djs

old-radio's a liar

Chico Garcia recently posted the Top 10 Things You Love Or Hate About People On Radio in his blog.

I had to agree with the first entry there about Djs who tells everyone they’d be back on Monday but didn’t specify what year. Yeah, I remember listening the following week and never knew they had left so I thought Boom Gonzales, Francesca, and Trish the Dish were filling in for the two while the dynamic duo were on a vacation.

But that’s not what I want to talk about. I wanna talk about what I hate about Djs from stations other than Monster Radio RX 93.1. I just wanna share my thoughts on what other Djs are doing in order to get the audience and the ratings and just how bad they are doing it. Or simply just how bad they are. Tee-hee!

Every Sundays I don’t listen to RX because I’m not into HipHop and RnB as much as into other music genre. So back then, I used to scour the airwaves looking for nice music. I sometimes end up listening over at 96.3, 94.7, 89.1,99.5 or 89.9. (So now you have an idea of the radio stations I’m going to diss. But that’s not the true list. I’ve added a few more there so as not to make deducing any easier).

Recently I’ve only tried listening to one of the stations that play oldies on weekends. There were these two DJs who talked about love and relationships and gave advice to their poor heartbroken texters.


The moment I heard the Djs talk about their thoughts, I was completely offed. “Whatthef***?” It’s entirely scripted! It’s so obvious that anybody who wouldn’t notice are probably the dumbest.

How do people come up with this? I mean, how hard does it take to dish out an advice that comes from the heart? Okay, fine. For all I know, they wrote that script. But does it have to be read? Don’t they understand that listeners would feel much better knowing they are giving them advice so casually as if they’ve known each other for some time? Sheesh. Radio has been revolutionized (by C&D) more than a decade ago in case they don’t know! They should try getting inspiration from C&D.

But then again, maybe they’re just making their own style. Maybe they just don’t want to be branded as C&D clones or rip-offs. Still, being yourself is the in-thing on radio this century.

One night, with nothing to do, I decided to turn the radio on and try listening to another set of Djs. These tandem had made me smile once with their silliness and the way they seem to flirt with each other on air. I’m not a regular listener, but I’d still choose them over other Djs at night.


However, recently, I was completely disappointed with these two when their textline crashed. They did nothing for an hour, seriously. They just babbled over having no textline and having nothing to do.

That’s when I noticed how bad they are as Djs. I mean, it’s talk radio, so go ahead and talk! Talk about some interesting stuff to while away the time.

This is the part where you would know if a Dj is fit for the job or not. A good Dj would start talking about general infos and trivias and funny or inspiring experiences. A good Dj would share a part of his life to his listeners. But these two didn’t do any of those. At the very least they could’ve played more music. But no. They completely wasted time acting like losers.

But they’re not the biggest losers… these are:

Around five or six years ago, I don’t know why or how (and now I sooo blame the universe for making me do it), I listened to the self-proclaimed best station in the metro out of curiosity.

It was during the night. There were these two bastos Djs whom I found wacky at the time. They kept on dissing RX Djs.

At first I thought, maybe they’re really friends or at least they know each other so it’s okay and very funny even. But I was soooo dumb not to notice. Apparently, Satan had brought his minions from his crib over at Hell to spread hatred and maliciousness over every innocent listeners. The show was all about hate. These Djs were feeding over jealousy. And the sad part about it is that they’ve influence other people.

One time, when I listened (I think back in 2002), a student-Dj was with them and said student talked about what happened over at the KBP Golden Dove Awards. I could not believe how much hatred or jealousy that poor girl had over RX because she giggled when she said They didn’t get Best Station.” And then the two devils joined her.

As if naman sila ang nanalo eh it was Mellow Touch that grabbed the award. Poor losers who feel happy at someone else’s misfortune. I bet they were scared and were conditioning their filthy heads in case RX won.

That was the start of me coming back into the nicer, way cooler station and completely forgot about the devils I once met on radio.

Y’know how much of a loser the Djs in that station were? There was a time when Boom Gonzales back in RX made a remark about being the first to play a particular song on radio. A day after that, I accidentally heard over their “loser competition” (as if naman may competition) a reaction to what Boom said. The loser Dj at the time, blabbered about being the one to play the song first. Boom didn’t react to that. Ever.


I don’t know what the deal is with “that” station but it’s seems natural for them to hate. And I pity them. They lambast RX Djs as if they own them. While RX turns the negativity upside down and gets awarded for it.

The saddest part is that they drag their listeners to hatred as well. Haaay naku, ang buhay talaga… may pros, may cons. At hindi nabubuo ang buhay kapag wala ang dalawang iyon.

But at least I could proudly announce to the world that I’m listening to the radio pros (and pro’s).

Oh, and to add in to the things I hate: Djs who claim things as if  they’re bible truth. Like being the first to interview a certain personality over their show. Read sample here

Hay…bakit ba lagi na lang silang nauungusan ng RX? Tsk tsk tsk.



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