Bebopper Reeves

Audition for the role of Spike Spiegel is over

A month ago, Keanu Reeves confirmed that he would be playing the role of Spike Spiegel in the next FOX live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. Recent confirmation of a Dragonball live-action movie sure made a buzz among movie buffs and the otaku community, and even before Dragonball is shown in the big screen, the movie-producing giant is dishing out another platter for the growing anime fans.

Keanu and Spike

However, an important question comes to mind: “Will Keanu do justice to Spike’s character?” Sure, his portrayal of Neo in The Matrix was just perfect but that’s because Neo’s character was almost synonymous to Keanu’s acting skills. ^ ^ And Spike Spiegel is no Neo. The man’s got more depth in character. Spike’s a very laid back guy – seemingly living in a dream – with a hint of a comic, yet is very much skillful whenever working as bounty hunter.

Okay, so Keanu can do those cool Jeet Kune Do moves and pretty much any action scene the director throws at him. I guess I’m just concerned with the character acting.

I remember years back when Wizard’s Anime Insider in their Casting Call gave their actor choices for a Cowboy Bebop Live-Action adaptation. I kind of agreed with their selection which were as follows:

Anime Insider's Casting Call for Cowboy Bebop

Looking at Elisha Cuthbert brings me to the next big question (or mayhaps the most important question): Who would play as Faye Valentine? Coz admit it. We’re really not concerned with Keanu as Spike, right?

Who would play as Faye?

Cosplay images:

*I apologize for messing Keanu’s hair. I’m not very good in graphic arts. ^ ^



~ by Jose Jr. on January 20, 2009.

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