Ang Pinaka “Pinagsayangan ng Click” na Celebrities over the Internet


Last Sunday on Ang Pinaka, the only show in the Philippines that counts down the top best of almost everything, their list was about the Most Searched Local Celebrities over the Internet ( I’m not much into the local fanfare so some of the names and notoriety mentioned there never occurred to me over the past year.

Yet it was because of those unknown-to-me celebrities that I got the idea to have this one-of-a-kind list.  As soon as the show finished I got my pen and paper and thought of (disclaimer ahead) my own list of Ang Pinaka
“Na-Curious Ka Pa Kasi” Celebrities on the Internet
or Ang Pinaka “Pinagsayangan ng Click” na Celebrities over the Internet.

These are the celebrities that are notorious in the business for, well, being who they are. But as far as we, the audience, are concerned…well, so what? In the gay vernacular, “keber“. For seriously, who cares what the following celebrities do or say? And to think that they have conquered the internet makes one feel like a very destructive virus is lurking on unsuspecting victims who would make the biggest mistake of their lives when they click a site with any information about these celebrities.

Scared already?

Let’s just put it this way: Curiosity killed the cat. Now, if you survive the names that follow, then consider yourself quite lucky. But be warned. Who knows what future “infections” might surface after your exposure to the
following Ang Pinaka “Pinagsayangan ng Click” na Celebrities over the Internet!


Before the move on, please don’t worry. We only got five. And we made sure this page is virus-free upon uploading of their images. And anyway, katuwaan lang…

05: Ethel Booba

Okay, so Ethel Booba made all of us laugh hard with her antics in Extra Challenge back in her heyday. She was spontaneous, did not make sense and was a natural comic. But after her stints in showbiz, she just wasn’t as interesting anymore. Was it all the failed relationships or the cosmetic surgery that made people look down on her? Over the net, her video scandal is the first thing that pops up on numerous searches. But who would want to watch that video? Not me.

04: Janina San Miguel

Be gentle on her… she’s only 17. And by the time her booboo on reaches it’s 17th year anniversary, she’d still be saying the same thing to get herself out of a tight situation. All the ruckus she’d done on the country’s most prestigious pageant was never forgiven. She may not have bagged the biggest award in the pageant but she had the most exposure along showbiz talk shows quickly after the event. And then, she backed out of the bigger pageant where she was supposed to represent the country in. Hmmm…wonder why…

A lot of people did not tolerate the way she acted during the question and answer portion, but some say it’s okay and is even reminiscent of Melanie Marquez who had brought this country pride in a beauty pageant. Nevertheless, there can only be one Melanie Marquez and for a country with a growing number of english-language related jobs, what this beauty queen did was improper… yes, even for a 17. So let her videos over the net and all the embarrassments rest. ThoughI highly doubt it would face death.

03: Mahal

Looking for information about this small person was not easy at all (no pun intended). Her screen name “Mahal” is either too beloved over the net with a whole lot of sites – local and foreign – with the word “mahal” in it, or rather too hard and expensive to be put over the net for it wasn’t easy to get the one meaning I was looking for.

However, things turned the other way around when I was able to learn her real name, Noemi Tesorero. PEP had a write-up about her saying “Of all the midgets in Showbiz, Mahal is perhaps the “controversy-magnet.” True. During her heyday, she had been in the news for even the most absurd of reasons. She had relationships after another and even had a stint in a
now-defunct afternoon variety show. As I scour the internet for infos, the name Mahal is almost always tied to the name of her then partner (almost like twin, actually) Mura.

So what makes her unworthy of a click of the mouse?

Well…you (whoever you are reading this) think of the answer coz I’ve been completely speechless since a video of her taking a bath came out and scared the bejeezuz outta me!

02: Madam Auring

May asim pa daw siya… Oo na, alam namin iyon. Nakangiwi nga ako habang tina-type ko to eh.

But seriously, the mere thought of this woman is enough to make you squirm. Now imagine her with images of young men whom she claims are clamoring for her beauty and money. Now all your senses are feeling that “kaasiman”. You just wanna take a bath now, huh?

When Madam Auring declares “ako ang pinakamaasim na ‘matured woman’ sa showbiz”, no one’s going to stop her. Huwag nga lang siyang papahuli sa Silver Swan at Datu Puti. Siguradong away ito!

Kailangan pa bang itanong kung bakit siya unworthy of a click?

And now…the top, the number one Ang Pinaka “Pinagsayangan ng Click” na Celebrities over the Internet is…

01: Anna Dizon

Who is Anna Dizon?
Anna Dizon is Anna Dizon.
But who the heck is Anna Dizon?
Anna Dizon IS Anna Dizon!
Ahhh, leche!



~ by Jose Jr. on January 22, 2009.

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