Top Movies 1989-1999


When I started listing down The RX Year-Ender Countdown and my very own Top 100 Songs a full decade ago, I also came up with a list of movies I’ve seen for as long as I can remember. That would be 1989 (I don’t think I can remember anything from 1986-88 clearly) I called it My Top Movies. I completed it around 1999 and I came up with a list of my favorite movies from the the past decade.

Then in 2000, I started coming up with a yearly list of movies I’ve seen for a year. This year, 2009 marks my tenth year anniversary! Congratulations to me!!! Can’t wait to make another list of my top movies for the past decade 2000 – 2010 next year!

I’ll be in a defensive stance here. The following movies may not be some of the best (or may even be some of the worsts) back then. I understand that. Looking at them after a decade, I realize there were better movies back then and I just ask myself “why didn’t you choose those instead?”

But I also understand that this is a list made by a 16 year old teen. My preference in movies have changed since then.

Anyway, this is part of my history in movie watching. I may not recall exactly why I decided to put a particular movie in the list, but I know that ten years ago, I had my own special reasons.


TOP MOVIES 1989 ~ 1999

20: Saving Private Ryan
19: Godzilla
18: Armageddon
17: Jurassic Park
16: A Burning Passion

15: Mac & Me
14: Babe
13: Hercules (Disney)
12: Jumanji
11: Titanic

10: Enemy Of The State
09: The Waterboy
08: Mafia
07: A Bug’s Life
06: 10 Things I Hate About You

05: Long Kiss Goodnight
04: Mercury Rising
03: Flatliners
02: Dangerous Minds

01: The Matrix



~ by Jose Jr. on February 3, 2009.

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