Who will be the next sole…Idol?


So far, my favorites are on the list of top 36. Although, I guess the producers of American Idol did intend to show the ones who have made it to the top 36 during the audition  so people could start picking their favorites. It’s a strategy to win fans over even before the real show begins (which includes only the final 12).

And, yeah, this fan has become one of those millions who have started picking out their favorites since Day 1 of the audition. In fact, since the first day, I’ve been betting that the great talents the TV show has shown would get to at least the Top 24. And they did. Yay!

Recently, there was a rumor of a Top 36 over the internet and I suppose it was true (I haven’t checked again, all I know is that if Tatiana Del Toro gets in, then it wasn’t a rumor. Coz seriously, who would joke like that to dear, annoying Tatiana?). And since I haven’t seen any Top 24 (or worse Top 12!) rumors over the net, I thought maybe I could do a little game with my favorite American Idol hopefuls. Oh and what good timing that Survivor is back on TV. So my twisted little mind thought of combining the two reality TV shows and so I came up with American Idol Survivor (smart huh? NOT!)

After checking the Top 36 over www.americanidol.com, I was easily able to decide on a Top 12. Starting next week, when the voting starts over in the U.S., these Top 12 AI Survivor castaways would either keep their flames burning or get burned themselves.

I’m so excited to find out if any of these great talents would survive the show. Ooohhh, I can’t wait!



~ by Jose Jr. on February 14, 2009.

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