American Idol Survivors “Threat”

Next week, 2 of the American Idol Survivors will face off with 10 other contestants including one tough and “dark” cookie.

His name is Adam Lambert.

He once wowed all four Idol judges in the Los Angeles audition. There he sang Bohemian Rhapsody. He was recognized for his acting work in Wicked and was even commented as having the star appeal needed to win audiences.

During Hollywood week, particularly in the group act, the judges loved him. He had his share of bad comment though when he sang his version of Believe by Cher. The judges found it theatrical. Yet they are willing to see more of him and so now he has come to my attention as a threat to my American Idol Survivors, Megan Corkrey and Matt Giraud.

What if – out of sheer beauty and recognition as a theater actor – he gets to be in the Top 12, regardless of sounding “too theatrical” for A.I..?(assuming he performs the same way he did during Hollywood week final solo).

What if he doesn’t outperform the two A.I. Survivors, but beat them only through audience vote because he looks like a star? That would be uncool?

This concerns me. Megan and Matt would have to kick everybody else’s a** and fight tooth and nail to win America’s vote.

(how much do i dislike the guy right this moment as i type this? well, i was supposed to put an image of him here but for some reason the image won’t.  i had tried 6 times already. i got pissed and decided not to do it. then the moment i clicked “publish” (i didn’t know how it happened), the texts that i have typed disappeared. when i looked at the blogsite there was only a title. so i had to redo this. arrghh. i really don’t like him)


~ by Jose Jr. on February 22, 2009.

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