American Idol-Survivor, Challenge 02: Top 12 (2nd Round)

american idol survivor 2nd round

Feb 26-27, 2009. What a turn of events for my American Idol Survivor contestants!

After last weeks lucky streak, this week’s round was everything but nice. Only two of my American Idol Survivors were tasked to outperform their opponents. But fate wasn’t as good to these two Idol hopefuls. None of them have made it to the official A.I. Top 12.

The fire has become too strong for Megan and Matt

The fire has become too strong for Megan and Matt

It was a surprise to find that the judges didn’t like Matt Giraud‘s performance of “Viva La Vida.” But nothing could’ve prepared me for the shock of finding out that despite the unanimous good vibe on Megan Corkrey, she failed to get America’s vote (a wimpy guy took it along with an old-looking youngster and a closet drag queen).

Good luck to these two on the Wild Card, and I still root for Megan Corkrey!
Next week, for the 3rd round, the following will need more than just talent to make it through:


Who will make it to Top 12?



~ by Jose Jr. on February 27, 2009.

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