My Top Movies 2000


20 movie titles made it to my list last 2000. Some are for more wholesome (meaning kiddie – nakakahiya lang aminin) viewing; others are suspense and action; while others are chick-flicks (hey, this guy is proud to appreciate a chick-flick). But the one that came on top was a movie that I remember watching more than twice just to see if I had missed anything. It was the one movie that got me scared of the real world and my best thrill movie until today.

To each his own. This is just a personal list.


My Top Movies 2000

(20 -11)

20-matilda20. Matilda

19-dennis-the-menace19. Dennis the Menace

18-the-world-is-not-enough18. The World is not Enough

17-hugo-pool17. Hugo Pool

I guess I only watched this because I saw a cast of Charmed in it. I liked the movie though so it was okay that I sat down to watch it.

16-pleasantville16. Pleasantville

I loved the idea of the black and white environment turning into colored once the characters begin to change.

15-go15. Go!

14-the-beach14. The Beach

13-varsity-blues13. Varsity Blues

12-the-craft12. The Craft

11-never-been-kissed11. Never Been Kissed


(10 – 01)

10-stigmata10. Stigmata

The last part gave me the creeps (the revelation)

09-lake-placid109. Lake Placid

Loved it when the giant croc ate a brown bear. Can it kill the shark that gave me sea phobia?

08-the-mummy08. The Mummy

07-the-sixth-sense07. The Sixth Sense

The movie that started me thinking really hard about the next movies I’ve seen since and what the ending might be. Coz this movie made go WTF? Why didn’t I see that coming?

06-sliding-doors106. Sliding Doors

05-threesome05. Threesome

I can’t remember how many times I saw this movie.

04-drive-me-crazy04. Drive Me Crazy

I watched this one coz it’s 1% fun and 99% Melissa Joan Hart.

03-cruel-intentions03. Cruel Intentions

Nice to see Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar (two of my Hollywood crushes) in one movie. Now if only they could add Shannen Doherty…hmmm.

02-x-men02. X-Men

Finally! A live-action version of my favorite band of heroes!

01-the-blair-witch-project01. The Blair Witch Project

Oh My God! This gave me the creeps. There’s something scarier about things that you don’t see (and can’t even imagine) It’s a classic among scare movies. Sheer genius!



~ by Jose Jr. on March 18, 2009.

One Response to “My Top Movies 2000”

  1. In these movies , According to me the best movie is “.Never Been Kissed”

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