American Idol-Survivor: Goodbye, Sarver

american-idol-survivor-6-leftMarch 27, 2009

After Alexis Grace left the competition last week, another American Idol Survivor was sent packing. It seems that a jinx was placed on Michael Sarver after having been part of the bottom two last week.

This week’s AI has been proven tough for the AI castaways, with wrong song choices and trainwreck performances. The only one who did not get a negative comment from the judges was Matt Giraud who has shown a huge amount of development. Even Danny Gokey who has been a crowd favorite did not escape Judge Simon Cowell’s negative commentary.
Yet it was Megan Corkrey who had the complete mishap that night with a wrong song and struggling vocals. Nevertheless, she was lucky enough to escape the Bottom 3 made up of Sarver, Scott MacIntyre and surprisingly, Matt Giraud.
But the biggest suprise of the night was not Michael being voted out, but when Scott was asked to sit down leaving Matt Giraud part of the bottome 2. Despite the talent, it seems Matt will have to do more to win America.

The judges were not unanimous with their vote. The girls obviously like Sarver, so Judge Simon Cowell took it upon himself to tell Sarver that he’s going home.

Therefore, we say goodbye to Michael Sarver, who wasn’t able to fight the flame that killed him in this competition.

I always agreed that Michael didn’t look the way he could sing. It was pure talent. Not to mention it’s easy to tell that he is a gentleman. I knew Paula liked him a lot and I felt it was a bit unfair for Simon Cowell to just tell the decision when the two lady judges were clearly digging Sarver.

Next week, 6 remains, and yes, the threats are still there: Kris, Allison and Adam.



~ by Jose Jr. on March 27, 2009.

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