American Idol-Survivor: We’ll miss you, Miss Quirky Megan


April 2, 2009

It was a very tough week, with the contestants’ wrong song choice pulling them down and putting Anoop, Allison, and Megan to another set of bottom three. The judges were against almost everyone that performance night.

But I knew something about Megan was about to happen…

Week after week of wrong song choice finally brought Megan Joy Corkrey out of the competition. But was it only because of a tinge of arrogance when she told judge Simon off that pushed her out? Could she have been given a chance had she kept her mouth shut?

When asked about how she feels about Simon’s comments during performance night, Corkrey answered “I love you, Simon but I don’t care.”
And by the time it was announced that she was the one who received the lowest number of votes, judge Simon was quick to tell her that in response to what she had said, they (the judges) “don’t care” as well and are not interested in saving her.

In a touching farewell video for Corkrey, ironically, judge Simon was recalled telling her how he (Simon) thinks she’s the one he’s going to remember the most and that she was the best so far in the audition; judge Paula was recalled saying how relevant and beautiful Corkrey is; judge Kara said she (Cokrey) puts a signature in every song she performs. And Motown legend Smokey Robinson (an Idol fan himself) commented that she is the show’s most original-sounding contestant.

Megan Joy Corkrey, best known for a surprisingly quirky personality and unusual movements while performing that at first glance seem shadowed by a dark personality as shown by a huge tatoo on her arm, leaves the show remaining quirky and funny. The fire may have burned her, but this fan would never forget her.

The moment I heard her sing back in the audition, I quickly knew she would be my favorite. I knew she was going to be chosen for the Top 12 if only for theunmistakeable voice she possesses. I could never agree more with what the judges once said to her about being original, relevant and beautiful.
I loved how judge Kara said Megan puts a signature in every song she sings. I really really feel that given a chance, Megan could enter the music industry – she’s likable, has talent (only needs to harness it more), and very beautiful. After Dolittle in season 6 and Archuleta in season 7, I’ve never felt so strongly for an Idol contestant.

Farewell, Megan Corkrey. Hope to hear from you again in your very own song.


It’s interesting that the three AI threats I’ve mentioned here before are so far the biggest contenders in the competition. They are one-by-one picking out my American Idol Survivors like petals to a flower. Tough competition. But I know that’s when the excitement begins.



~ by Jose Jr. on April 2, 2009.

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