Robert Langdon is back!

When The Da Vinci Code was released into theatres some years back, it was clear how much controversy it created especially among the Catholic community. This time they’ve got more reasons to shake in their boots with the upcoming release of Angels and Demons in movie houses this May.

A prequel to the Da Vinci Code, Angel & Demons introduces the character Robert Langdon with his first mission that takes him to the depths of Vatican City and where he discovers a conspiracy and a shocking revelation which I personally consider more jaw-dropping than that of The Da Vinci Code simply because it’s far more believable and realistic.

For more information about this movie coming in May 15, 2009 in the Philippines, go to



~ by Jose Jr. on April 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Robert Langdon is back!”

  1. ive read the book and now im very excited for this movie. Sa book pa lng sobrang panalo na. Sana wag ako madisappoint sa movie na to.

  2. I agree. The book is so good, I hope they give justice to it.

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