American Idol-Survivor: Adieu to an inspiring Idol


April 9, 2009

Perhaps Scott MacIntyre‘s talent really came with his piano. This week’s performance night saw a different Scott – a spunky, guitar player. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile. The judges didn’t really dig him and Simon who’s known to like him from the start was offed by his performance and asked him to play the piano next time. Alas, there won’t be a next time for this one-of-a-kind Idol.

The song choice for this week was from the year the contestants were born. Anoop, who had been in the bottom three last week was asked to sit on one of the three stools again with Lil and Scott, even after the judges’ good comments during performance night. Lil who seem to have a problem with song choice was once again barraged with negative commentaries. But the two turned out to be lucky enough to go through next week’s round.

Judge Simon admitted after Scott’s performance that the decision was sliced in half. However, in the end, it was Simon’s words that sent him packing home. Judge Paula commended him on being a gifted artist as her final words of comfort.

I immediately saw Scott as someone who could get into the Top 12 not just because of his talent but because of his condition. I hope takes this the wrong way (because others may think it’s mere pity for his condition why he’s there) but if I were in the U.S. I’d probably be voting for him as well because seeing him on the stage – with his condition – is inspiring. Scott is not just an artist up on the stage. He’s a symbol of hope not just for people who pursues singing but to everyone who dreams of succeeding over things in life.

Scott is definitely better off with his piano. And being the first blind idol contestant, I believe there’s a great and wide path laid out for this guy.

Next week, 4 American Idol Survivors remain . Who will go next?



~ by Jose Jr. on April 10, 2009.

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