“Planet Philippines” don’t impress me much


It’s been almost a week since the airing of the eco-documentary that pretty much got my attention. Title pa lang, I thought when I first saw the promotional ad, may wow-factor na.

And throughout the week, I witnessed thru various media how people expressed their positive feelings for the said documentary. I, on the other hand, couldn’t help but wonder what it was that made Planet Philippines so good.

Honestly speaking, I thought it was a waste of time and money.

Sure, there were some parts that made me glue my eyes on the television but the bad parts far outweigh them and so I couldn’t remember the good parts now. Hmm…I guess only the scene where a black bird was sighted and for the first time (as they stated) was caught on camera for a longer time. After nun, wala na akong maalala.

However, pagdating sa mga hindi magandang napansin ko, I can dish out 4. Four things that make Planet Philippines a documentary that I’m not proud of, not impressed with and makes me go: WTF?! (forgive me) This is made by GMA7?!

One: The opening. I thought it was cliché. The host getting out of bed, the city moving on and on and on not caring about what is going on with the environment. That’s how students start a documentary about the environment—by showing the stark contrast between the industrial and the natural environment. Gasgas. And napanood ko na ‘yun sa ibang eco-docus.

Two: The script. Somewhere along the documentary, I thought the script started to sound like something I would have read on a book when I was in elementary or from another eco-documentary.

I cringed and felt so bad when the voice over went to say that there is one bigger threat to the environment (parang ganun yung lines eh) and then, a pause, then the voice continued…Man.

Gadz, ilang beses ko na ba narinig ang ganyang suspense kuno line? I was bracing myself for the word “man” and when it finally hit, ayun sapul ako sa gut at hindi ko nagustuhan ang pakiramdam ng pangingilabot. C’mon, who writes this kind of script these days?

Noong una, I thought, okay para sa mga younger audiences yung ganung script. But then, I realized na late na ng gabi pinalabas ang documentary. Sinong bata naman ang manonood nun?

I thought I was watching an old documentary only with new and updated images.

Three: Where are the Filipino environmental organizations? Nakatulog na yata ako kaya hindi ko nakita kung may binanggit o may na-interview. Meron ba? I remember the foregn scientists lang kasi, hi hi.

Four: The end credit. Sa lahat ba naman ang mapapakailaman ko, end credit pa? But from watching other documentaries—even I-Witness—hindi ko yata naalala na ang nakita kong images alongside the rolling credits ay shots ng production team.

Madalas, excerpts mula sa documentary mismo like interviews,  or voice-over or even just images that always make me look back at what I just watched. That way, nare-retain sa isip ko yung napanoond ko.

So I was very surprised to find the production team on the end credit. Naisip ko tuloy: Is this really an eco-documentary or ginawa lang to for the sake na may masabi lang? Pakiramdam ko kasi, hindi naging faithful sa laman ng docu…

Kasi nga, wala akong nakuhang bagong info. Wala akong natutunan na napaka-importante para naman I could also extend a helping hand. Wala akong napala. Puro cliche. As I have said, para akong nanood ng lumang documentary about the environment na may bagong videos.

Somewhere in the documentary, when the ocean and the corals were being shown, I remember blurting out: “Banggitin mo ‘yung Coral Triangle! Banggitin mo ‘yung Coral Triangle!” kasi I don’t think a lot of people know how important the corals in our islands are and how much of the coral population is present within our islands. Pero hindi nangyari ang inisip ko at doon ako nagsimulang ma-disappoint.

I think sometime last week, narinig ko’ng sinabi ni Richard Guttierez na may nag-re-request na gawing regular ‘tong ganitong documentary. Pwes, kailangan nilang galingan sa susunod.

So far I wasn’t impressed by Planet Philippines. Hindi ako makapaniwala na ang station na gumagawa ng pinakamagagandang Filipino documentaries na napanood ko ay nakagawa ng isang docu na kasing-boring ng Planet Philippines.

Of course sa bandang huli, kakabig ako para sabihing “this is but my opinion”.



~ by Jose Jr. on September 12, 2009.

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