American Idol-Survivor: We’ll miss you, Miss Quirky Megan

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April 2, 2009

It was a very tough week, with the contestants’ wrong song choice pulling them down and putting Anoop, Allison, and Megan to another set of bottom three. The judges were against almost everyone that performance night.

But I knew something about Megan was about to happen…

Week after week of wrong song choice finally brought Megan Joy Corkrey out of the competition. But was it only because of a tinge of arrogance when she told judge Simon off that pushed her out? Could she have been given a chance had she kept her mouth shut?

When asked about how she feels about Simon’s comments during performance night, Corkrey answered “I love you, Simon but I don’t care.”
And by the time it was announced that she was the one who received the lowest number of votes, judge Simon was quick to tell her that in response to what she had said, they (the judges) “don’t care” as well and are not interested in saving her.

In a touching farewell video for Corkrey, ironically, judge Simon was recalled telling her how he (Simon) thinks she’s the one he’s going to remember the most and that she was the best so far in the audition; judge Paula was recalled saying how relevant and beautiful Corkrey is; judge Kara said she (Cokrey) puts a signature in every song she performs. And Motown legend Smokey Robinson (an Idol fan himself) commented that she is the show’s most original-sounding contestant.

Megan Joy Corkrey, best known for a surprisingly quirky personality and unusual movements while performing that at first glance seem shadowed by a dark personality as shown by a huge tatoo on her arm, leaves the show remaining quirky and funny. The fire may have burned her, but this fan would never forget her.

The moment I heard her sing back in the audition, I quickly knew she would be my favorite. I knew she was going to be chosen for the Top 12 if only for theunmistakeable voice she possesses. I could never agree more with what the judges once said to her about being original, relevant and beautiful.
I loved how judge Kara said Megan puts a signature in every song she sings. I really really feel that given a chance, Megan could enter the music industry – she’s likable, has talent (only needs to harness it more), and very beautiful. After Dolittle in season 6 and Archuleta in season 7, I’ve never felt so strongly for an Idol contestant.

Farewell, Megan Corkrey. Hope to hear from you again in your very own song.


It’s interesting that the three AI threats I’ve mentioned here before are so far the biggest contenders in the competition. They are one-by-one picking out my American Idol Survivors like petals to a flower. Tough competition. But I know that’s when the excitement begins.



Post Earth Hour babbles

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MANILA, Philippines — More than 15 million Filipinos were estimated to have joined Earth Hour on Saturday night and a total of 647 cities and town participated, making the Philippines number one among all the countries that joined the global event, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Philippine representative said on Sunday.

“Earth Hour Philippines is an astounding success,” said Yeb Sano, WWF Philippines campaign manager, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer by phone.

Sano said the country ranking was based on the initial reports of WWF offices the world over.

Greece was second with 484 participating towns and cities.

Sano said the WWF Philippines noted a “very significant drop” in power consumption during Earth Hour but that the group was still “validating exact figures” from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Earth Hour was a global effort encouraging people from all over the world to turn off electricity from 8:30 to 9:30 pm to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and global warming.

Only a million Filipinos were estimated to have joined the 2008 Earth Hour and the 10-fold jump in the number of participants in 2009 was attributed by Sano to the Filipinos’ increasing awareness about climate change and its effects.

Sano added that WWF also stepped up its campaign for the 2009 Earth Hour.

He said the group networked with several other non-government organizations, government agencies, schools, a thousand private corporations as well as the media, which proved to be an effective strategy to disseminate information about Earth Hour.

Sano said WWF Philippines was still gathering data as reports from various parts of the country continued to come in as of Sunday afternoon.

RP topped Earth Hour participation–reports

By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:47:00 03/29/2009


Whootwoo! Can’t believe Earth Hour turned out to be a success in our own country. I, for one, even turned off other appliances and listened only on the radio in my cellphone, with a candle inside my bedroom.

However, there are some things that rant for that Saturday night. First off, our baranggay didn’t join the call for concern. Lights weren’t turned off along the streets and that one hour of the neighbors’ lives were spent like it always were.

Sad to say, we have stupid neighbors who were either too dumb to know what’s going on in the world or too dumb to participate.

It seemed that only us, my brother’s family and another neighbor were concerned enough to switch off our lights. Well…with these kind of neighbors, I might as well consider the destruction of this world soon.

Then I overheard someone comment on why he has to join in explaining “I turn off the lights every night, so how’s this Earth Hour thing gonna help? Seriously, I felt so good inside knownig that I’m not him, that my train of thought is not as dense as his, that my lifestyle is unlike his (he’s poor in every sense of the word).

Earth Hour is not just switching off the lights to help cool this world. It’s a message of willingness to participate in the call to help Mother Nature and ourselves. It’s a message to those who are completely unaware of what’s going on in our planet.

In the middle of the Earth Hour, I thought of how to make more people participate next year. I thought if I go around my community and give a token of appreciation (a small gift) to households who participate in the cause, maybe they’d feel better. So maybe I’ll try to do it next year. I need to save up on money starting today…

I hope next year (and in the years to come), more people not just become aware of this special occasion, but participate or at least try. It won’t hurt to switch off the lights for an hour, right?


American Idol-Survivor: Goodbye, Sarver

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american-idol-survivor-6-leftMarch 27, 2009

After Alexis Grace left the competition last week, another American Idol Survivor was sent packing. It seems that a jinx was placed on Michael Sarver after having been part of the bottom two last week.

This week’s AI has been proven tough for the AI castaways, with wrong song choices and trainwreck performances. The only one who did not get a negative comment from the judges was Matt Giraud who has shown a huge amount of development. Even Danny Gokey who has been a crowd favorite did not escape Judge Simon Cowell’s negative commentary.
Yet it was Megan Corkrey who had the complete mishap that night with a wrong song and struggling vocals. Nevertheless, she was lucky enough to escape the Bottom 3 made up of Sarver, Scott MacIntyre and surprisingly, Matt Giraud.
But the biggest suprise of the night was not Michael being voted out, but when Scott was asked to sit down leaving Matt Giraud part of the bottome 2. Despite the talent, it seems Matt will have to do more to win America.

The judges were not unanimous with their vote. The girls obviously like Sarver, so Judge Simon Cowell took it upon himself to tell Sarver that he’s going home.

Therefore, we say goodbye to Michael Sarver, who wasn’t able to fight the flame that killed him in this competition.

I always agreed that Michael didn’t look the way he could sing. It was pure talent. Not to mention it’s easy to tell that he is a gentleman. I knew Paula liked him a lot and I felt it was a bit unfair for Simon Cowell to just tell the decision when the two lady judges were clearly digging Sarver.

Next week, 6 remains, and yes, the threats are still there: Kris, Allison and Adam.


Boyce Avenue Rules!

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Since hearing the unusual rendition of songs like Oasis’ “Wonderwall” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella” over the radio a month ago (or perhaps a couple, I don’t remember exactly), I’ve been wondering who the voice was behind them all.

Coz I honestly thought they sounded as good (or maybe even better) than the original. Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holdin’ On”, Linkin Park’s “Shadow of the Day”, and Chris Brown’s “With You” were just some of the songs that I thought possessed the same voice quality when I first heard their renditions.

A month ago, I happen to chance upon a very nice-sounding song titled “Change Your Mind”.

I listened to it over and over. Then only today, I visited YouTube and looked for a video of Boyce Avenue. My God, imagine my suprise when I finally learned it was them who was behind the beautiful renditions all along!

I listened to all the songs I could find there with the band singing acoustic versions of various songs and I must say…they sounded so nice, I felt so glad. I really don’t like artists that don’t write their own songs and resort to releasing renditions of old hits. A complete waste of talent if there’s any.

But Boyce Avenue is a different story. I love how they sound, how they make the song feel different. They give it a different feel making those who listen to it the first time appreciate it so much.

And what I especially love about what they do is that they made me listen to the song lyrics and appreciate it even more.

For instance, Rihanna’s “Disturbia” has become my favorite among their renditions.

And then there’s the hit “Change Your mind” which I love so much more.

Only…too bad they’ve been here before I even started to know them…sobs

American Idol-Survivor: Farewell, Alexis

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March 19, 2009.

Paying tribute to the Grand Ole Opry, the American Idol Survivors went country sounds. Michael Sarver did the first performance with a harmonica player and officially started the show. But judge Simon Cowell didn’t give him good feedback. Surprisingly, the three remaining members of the Wild Card – Megan Joy Corkrey, Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai – brought the house down; so did Danny Gokey. Lil Rounds who’s clearly not a country singer, had mixed reactions. Lastly, Alexis Grace‘s feedback brought her down to the bottom 3 and in the end she was sent home, even after the judges talked about helping her back in the competition as she sings her last performance.

Alexis Grace wasn’t able to prevent the flame from burning her down. A great talent, but perhaps not enough for America to vote for her.

“Unlike Lil or Matt or Megan, Alexis didn’t start out as a favorite for me. In fact, I don’t remember seeing her audition. It was only during the selection for Top 36 that I heard her voice and went “Whoa. This lady can sing.” Then after seeing and hearing her first Top 36 performance, I knew she can pull her way up. Though I suppose this year wasn’t the right time for her.”

Now, only 7 remains (while the Idol Survivor threats are still standing)…


If You Live On This Planet…

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…then you need to participate in this cause to help lessen the worsening climate change.


Let’s Save Our Planet!

Wherever you are in the planet, turn off your lights on March 28 at exactly 8:30 pm and give Earth an hour of your contribution.

Earth Hour 2009


Strange Fruit ~ Chico Garcia’s Blog


My Top Movies 2000

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20 movie titles made it to my list last 2000. Some are for more wholesome (meaning kiddie – nakakahiya lang aminin) viewing; others are suspense and action; while others are chick-flicks (hey, this guy is proud to appreciate a chick-flick). But the one that came on top was a movie that I remember watching more than twice just to see if I had missed anything. It was the one movie that got me scared of the real world and my best thrill movie until today.

To each his own. This is just a personal list.


My Top Movies 2000

(20 -11)

20-matilda20. Matilda

19-dennis-the-menace19. Dennis the Menace

18-the-world-is-not-enough18. The World is not Enough

17-hugo-pool17. Hugo Pool

I guess I only watched this because I saw a cast of Charmed in it. I liked the movie though so it was okay that I sat down to watch it.

16-pleasantville16. Pleasantville

I loved the idea of the black and white environment turning into colored once the characters begin to change.

15-go15. Go!

14-the-beach14. The Beach

13-varsity-blues13. Varsity Blues

12-the-craft12. The Craft

11-never-been-kissed11. Never Been Kissed


(10 – 01)

10-stigmata10. Stigmata

The last part gave me the creeps (the revelation)

09-lake-placid109. Lake Placid

Loved it when the giant croc ate a brown bear. Can it kill the shark that gave me sea phobia?

08-the-mummy08. The Mummy

07-the-sixth-sense07. The Sixth Sense

The movie that started me thinking really hard about the next movies I’ve seen since and what the ending might be. Coz this movie made go WTF? Why didn’t I see that coming?

06-sliding-doors106. Sliding Doors

05-threesome05. Threesome

I can’t remember how many times I saw this movie.

04-drive-me-crazy04. Drive Me Crazy

I watched this one coz it’s 1% fun and 99% Melissa Joan Hart.

03-cruel-intentions03. Cruel Intentions

Nice to see Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar (two of my Hollywood crushes) in one movie. Now if only they could add Shannen Doherty…hmmm.

02-x-men02. X-Men

Finally! A live-action version of my favorite band of heroes!

01-the-blair-witch-project01. The Blair Witch Project

Oh My God! This gave me the creeps. There’s something scarier about things that you don’t see (and can’t even imagine) It’s a classic among scare movies. Sheer genius!